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The Cider Mill, Endicott NY
Sweet Tastes of Autumn

Cider Mill Cider

A naturally refreshing extraction of freshly squeezed apples that begins in August with the sweet, mellow taste of the early varieties. The flavor subtly changes throughout the season until the deep, full bodied tang of late ripening apples enriches each pressing.

A taste of Nature at her very best!

Fact: Cider must be either pasteurized (brought to 160°F and immediately chilled) or passed through a UV Light Cider Processor.  Cider Mill cider has beens UV Light processed since 2016.

Cider Mill Doughnuts

Especially delicious soft pastries with a hole through their centers. By joining a finger and thumb in this space, one is able to produce a deft dipping motion into a glass or cup.

The Cider Mill old-fashioned, cake-batter doughnuts tend to be irregularly round, slightly crisp on the outside, and wondrously scrumptious on the inside. We call it, “imperfect perfection”!

Great with coffee, but best with cider.

Available any day:
Plain, Cinnamon, & Powdered Sugar

Available Monday - Friday only:
Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut, Vanilla, Coconut, Maple, Maple Walnut

Fact: The Cider Mill’s doughnuts are freshly made every day, and all day, as needed. They are never held over or reheated.


Cider Mill Candy Apples

Choice eating apples are punctured through the core with stout wooden handles and coated in sweet, premium syrups. At The Cider Mill, you must make a tough choice from a rainbow of flavors. Buy 3 or more and save money while simplifying your decision...

Available in six traditional candy flavors:
Cinnamon, Caramel, Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape, Cherry, & Lime.

Fact: We never hide poor apples in a candy coating. You can be sure every Cider Mill Candy Apple began with a premium, unblemished apple grown for fresh eating enjoyment — a very healthy finish to a favorite treat.

Cider Mill Pies

What better complement to premium Cider Mill cider than a harvest-time apple, nut, pumpkin, or fruit pie fresh from the oven? Each Fall, more and more patrons have tasted, enjoyed, and ordered their favorite pies to serve family, friends, and guests.

Available as half or whole 10 inch pies:
Apple Crisp, Harvest Apple Traditional, Apple Carmel Walnut, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Very Berry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Peach, Pineapple Upside Down, Apple (No Added Sugar), and Cherry (No Added Sugar).

Fact: Cider Mill Pies are prepared for us by the Gardener family of Gardener Pastries in Columbus, Ohio. Only select ingredients are used, fresh by the season, and in limited quantities. The pies arrive frozen to be baked fresh daily, and as ordered, in The Cider Mill kitchen.

Cider Mill Cookies

We try to bake our cookies big enough to last for two days. The trouble is, it’s only one cookie, and what’s wrong with having just one cookie with a glass of cider?

Approximately 6-inch cookies in 3 choices:
Oatmeal Raisin
Polka Dot (with baked-in candies)
Chocolate Chip

Fact: It is estimated that for every 100 ‘Two-Day” cookies bought by visitors to The Cider Mill, 99 completely disappear in the first 24 hours...

Cider Mill Cheddar Cheese

There are those of us who savor the cross-tastes: sweet & sour, tart & salt, sweet & dry, sweet & sharp. Every Fall of the year, it’s good to have a slice or two of sharp cheddar to counterpoint a tartly sweet apple, a cinnamon-spiced apple pie, or a draught of The Cider Mill’s best.

Available by pound pricing:
Sharp Cheddar
Extra-Sharp Cheddar

Fact: It was many years before The Cider Mill found a source for the very high quality cheddars, aged to perfection in round wooden boxes, that seemed to have the subtleties of taste we held in memory. Please, sample for yourself.

Cider Mill Jams & Jellies

Because we have access to the best fruit harvested each season, it would be a shame not to share some of the choicest as jam and jelly preserves.

Available in 10 ounce canning jars:
Apple Jelly
Raspberry-Apple Jam
Red Raspberry Jam
Blackberry Jam

Fact: All Jams and Jellies are prepared and preserved using favorite recipes during the off season. longstanding tradition.

N.Y.S. Apples

With no orchards of our own, The Cider Mill has always been free to seek the best new apple varieties as they become available. We can also buy where the crop is best. If conditions are off for Spys and Crispins near the lakes, we can look to the Hudson Valley that season, and so on. As a result, our patrons know to expect consistently premium cider from The Cider Mill, as well as the largest and finest choice of fresh-picked apple varieties for eating, baking, or preserving from The Cider Mill Farmstand.

Fact: Apple lovers have become very savvy to the unique flavors, cooking qualities, storage life, and health benefits of the many apple varieties. A few types, such as Granny Smith, do not grow well in New York State. We will only have these varieties in years they can be freshly provided.